Sunvale Meadows Tree Nursery produces quality, established, advanced grade specimen trees. The nursery has been in commercial operation since 1992, covering an area of approximately four hectares situated at the end of Boyd Road (Queenstown, Central Otago, New Zealand) which borders the banks of the upper Kawarau River beneath the Remarkables mountain range.
Open by appointment, the nursery grows on mainly deciduous trees although a look at the current stocklist will show a wide variety of specimens grown with all being hardy to this region. Sunvale Meadows Tree Nursery have the local knowledge and experience essential to get the right tree for the right place; advice is part of the service.
All tree stock is grown in Root Control Bags in the ground. These bags are made of a non-biodegradable material which allows root growth through it but restricts the diameter to a few millimetres. Roots maintain a radial symmetry instead of wrapping around itself (as they do in hard walled pots) and break off cleanly when lifted for transplanting. This system enables trees to be lifted from April to September; with April/May being the preferred months to lift as soil conditions are easier to work with at that time of year in this region. The bags allow larger specimens to be grown and transplanted more easily than open ground methods. The bags are removed when relocated to their final location. Please refer to the planting instructions for further details.
A small amount of stock is held in above ground containers for summer sales. Please contact the nursery for these stock details.
Nursery visits are by appointment only. Refer to Contact Page for details.